Accident Lawyers Firm

Our firm uses its skills and networks to guarantee our clients the best results in all personal injury cases. Our approach is to focus on You as an individual and not as a paycheck. We believe the most important goal is to help our clients heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. After the healing process is complete, we worry about getting our clients the maximum compensation possible.

Goal #1: Help You Heal!

First, we help you heal Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally. This is the MOST important goal because injuries can last a lifetime, and this is your ONE shot at getting the treatment you NEED. Your health is our TOP priority.

Goal #2: Get You Paid!

Second, we focus on getting you max compensation for your pain and suffering!

Many stressful factors come with dealing with an accident! You might not be able to work, pay your mortgage, or have any money for medical expenses. We help you deal with all of these problems and many you haven’t thought of yet! Let us carry your burdens and be your Sword and Shield against the insurance companies!

Collaboration Through Networking

We are part of several networking groups which members range from business owners, financial experts, medical providers, attorneys, and marketers. We use our networks and relationships to provide our clients with the best possible medical care, client funding, and legal services available!

Our focus is to spend more time serving the client’s health and mental well being instead of rushing the process just to get paid.

Client Health is our TOP PRIORITY!

We put the Your health first! Our philosophy is putting clients first. Our firm inspires an atmosphere of cooperation that motivates attorneys, adjusters, staff, and doctors to work together toward a common goal in the service of our clients.

Call if you want to work with a great team that truly cares about YOU as an individual and not as a paycheck!

Firm Focus and Goals!

The Accident Lawyers Firm has two goals for our clients. First, we ensure that our clients heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. Second, we focus on getting our clients PAID! Unfortunately, many law firms only focus on the second goal and completely forget about the client’s health and recovery, which matters most.


If you have ever been in an accident, then you know firsthand how difficult it can be to deal with the aftermath of an accident. Many stressful factors come with dealing with an accident. For example, victims may not be able to work, pay their mortgage, will now have HUGE medical expenses, and are continuously in pain! Let us help guide you on the road to Recovery!


We are legal professionals who can help with any personal injury matter. Whether you have been in a car accident, slipped and fell on someone’s premises, suffered a brain injury, or had a family member pass away, we are here to help any way we can. We specialize in Uber, Lyft, and Wrongful Accidents.

Top Doctors with No Up-Front Costs!

The Accident Lawyers Firm only works with the best doctors in the country that have been vetted and know the personal injury process! Our network of doctors from all over California can help with ANY injury. We have made it our mission to find the best physicians in the country to help you heal from your injuries because that’s what matters most!


Many of our doctors work on liens, which means they don’t charge upfront fees for their services and get paid at the end of the case. Our doctors will give you the Golden treatment compared to doctors who work on insurance and treat their patients like trash. You are in good hands with our providers, and we would trust them with our lives!


We have the networks to provide you access to every type of medical professional you can imagine. We can get you medical treatment that ranges from chiropractic, physical therapy, eastern medicine (acupuncture), orthopedic specialists, spine surgeons, and even neurosurgeons.

Can’t Work? No Problem!

Just because you are injured doesn’t mean that your bills stop coming down the pipeline. We understand and can assist! We work with many companies that will give you a low-interest loan to help you with your bills based on your case.


There is only one job we want you to focus on while recovering. That job is to focus on healing. We will handle EVERYTHING else.

We Understand Emotional Suffering

We recognize that your body is not the only thing that gets hurt in an accident. Many times after an accident, you suffer from emotional and mental injuries. We recognize and understand these injuries. For this reason, we work with psychologists to help you deal with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) resulting from an accident. We see the emotional and mental distress our clients go through daily.

Free Consultations & No Win, No Fee Guarantee!

We offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay ZERO up-front for our legal services.

Furthermore, we only get paid if we win! Our firm is passionate about personal injury matters, and we use compassion, dedication, and persistence to bring you the justice you deserve.

If you or your loved one have been in an accident, please contact our law firm today! It is important to know that insurance companies are not on your side and they are devils in disguise!

Consistent and Quality Communication

At our firm, your case will be closely handled by a lawyer, who will know the ins and outs of your case. We guarantee communication with your attorney regularly. We take pride in standing by our clients at all times, which is why we give clients our cell phone numbers to reach us at any time.

Also, we will never leave our clients guessing what is going on with their case. We have regular check-up calls with clients to keep them up to date and provide quality communication. We handle every aspect of the case, so you can focus on recovering. We have the experience you can rely on and have recovered millions on behalf of our clients.

We embrace technology and are continually evolving as a firm to give our clients the peace of mind to know that they are working with a firm that is up to date on advances within our space to make the process flawless for them.

Lastly, the owner, Joe Nazarian, is the president of several networking groups throughout California and has access to hundreds of professionals. His network can help you with any legal or professional issue that you or your loved one may have. Feel free to reach out to the Accident Lawyers Firm if you need help, and we will assist in any way we can.

Core Values

If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying!

Putting Our Client’s Needs First!

Providing Quality And Consistent Communication.

We Embrace Technology And Change. A.P.E. (Automation, Processes, Efficiency)

We Foster The Highest Quality Relationships.

We Strive For Empathy All Day, Every Day – P.E.T. (Positivity, Empathy, Trust)