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Joe Nazarian AKA Joe Naz

Position: Founder & Managing Attorney

Location: 4000 MacArthur Blvd. Suite 600
East Tower, Newport Beach, CA. 92660


Office: (949) 239-7009

Cell phone: (949) 690-6211

Managing Attorney - Joe Naz

My name is Joe Naz, and I am a personal injury attorney who focuses on helping you heal physically, mentally, and financially. Most personal injury attorneys and law firms treat you like a number and don’t give you the personal care and attention you deserve. I have been in 6 car accidents myself and have been on all sides of the field regarding these matters.

Our firm uses a lot of technology to keep you up to date throughout the process. You will never have to worry about what is going on with your case. Many of our employees work remotely, and we are a new-age firm that makes ourselves available to our clients whenever they need us!

I have many interests, such as travel, and I have been to over 40 countries. I also have a strong passion for helping solve our planet’s plastic problem. I helped invent a water bottle/hydro flask called Total Bottle that reduces single-use plastics worldwide. I love playing soccer in my spare time and have a podcast where I share many of my thoughts and views.

One of my favorite sayings is, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying!” I lead several book clubs because I love to read and continuously invigorate my mind to grow. I believe self-improvement is the key to a successful life, and I have learned that the best way to learn is to teach. Book club holds me accountable to read and teach others consistently.

My podcast is the Joe Naz Podcast, where I have honed my communication skills and relationships. Through the podcast, I have learned how to give someone my actual presence and treat them like the most important person in the world.

Lastly, I am passionate about networking, business, and marketing. I am general counsel for several companies as an advisor in many different spaces. Working with companies and helping them grow is a great passion of mine.

I have even started a networking group of personal injury attorneys called the Justice Society, where we collaborate to fight insurance companies. I am also in provisors and BNI, where I have a network of professionals that can help my clients, friends, and family with their needs!

Overall, I have many interests, but helping my injured clients is my true passion in life. Please call me directly at any time if you need help! Cell (949) 690-6211.

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